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Shakedown Radio

Every fourth Monday we toss on our favorite pair of lot stompers and commandeer the airwaves as 'Shakedown Radio', Louisiana's ONLY Grateful Dead radio hour! Does the neat freak in you prefer the un-paralleled perfection of May 1977? Or do you crave the rabid acid-test psychedelia of early 1969? Do you enjoy listening to Jerry scorch theaters and auditoriums off of the face of the earth? 1971 is for you. Is your space getting hot? Take an '82 Althea and call me in the morning. Feel like a stranger? Need a miracle? Spring 1990 is your ticket. It's gonna be some rare and different tunes - only on Shakedown Radio! 

Visit the Shakedown Radio page to stream past episodes and connect to the running Spotify playlist.


Parallel Planet

Jimmy Row

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Richard Spiderbreath Jr.